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Angela Deville

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Angela Deville

Age: 11
House: Ravenclaw
Wand: Ten inches with a dragon heartstring core and made of pine wood.

Personality: Angela is extremely shy having been brought up in a family that revolves around her perfect older brother, James and her magically excellent younger brother, Alex. Being in the middle has made her almost invisible in the family, and sadly but thankfully, this has allowed her to pursue her books without any disturbance. Unfortunately, this also means that she grew up in an uncaring environment causing her to reside even further in her books. With a hidden love of adventure but also a lack of courage, she comes to Hogwarts with an avid want of company to share her books with. She is quick to read anything and everything and was promptly sorted into Ravenclaw, much to the disappointment of her Slytherin family. However, with her older brother James at Durmstrang and her younger brother still two years too young to enter Hogwarts, Angela finally felt the freedom to be whoever she wanted to be at Hogwarts.

Looks: Angela is 4’ 11’’ with long dark hair and dark eyes. She has a pale complexion and thin stature. She has glasses but rarely uses them when she is not reading.

Thomas Deville (Father) is strict in his ways, coming from a pureblood family with almost all Slytherin members. Although he is most proud of his firstborn, James, because of his magical prowess and acceptance to Durmstrang, he does love his daughter, Angela. He doesn’t know exactly how to love her though which causes him to be distant with her and with her arrival at Hogwarts into a house he doesn’t approve of, this distance only grows. Thomas was in Slytherin house when attending Hogwarts.

Cécile Fontaine-Deville (Mother) is a doting mother to her sons and a strict mother to her daughter. Having been afraid of Angela being less than magical than her other children, she had been more strict when raising Angela because of the fear that she would be a squib. Although the acceptance letter from Hogwarts came as a surprise and a relief, Cécile never fully was able to let Angela her freedom. Cécile was in Slytherin house when attending Hogwarts.

James Deville (Brother) is a fifth year student at Durmstrang Institute. He receives most of the parental love in the Deville household but he adores his younger sister and brother too much to accept it. He does not easily portray his love for his siblings but he tries to at least care for them in his time at home. He excels in martial magic and wishes to return to Britain to try to become an Auror, despite the backlash bound to occur in his family.

Alexander Deville (Brother) is nine years old and looks up to his sister, despite her being the black sheep of the family. He thinks she is the smartest person ever and understands that this is because of how she reads her books. Alexander has shown accidental magic since he had been a baby, much to the delight of his parents. He sincerely wishes to go to Hogwarts to be with his sister and although everyone wants him to be in Slytherin, he secretly wishes to be in Ravenclaw like his sister.

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