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Imogen Blackwood

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Name: Imogen Adrastea Blackwood
Nickname: Gen (pronounced like “Jen”)

Blood: Pureblood
Birthday: December 13th
Age: 12

House: Slytherin
Year: Second

Physical description:
  • A little short for her age at 4'7" (145 cm)
  • Wavy brownish-auburn hair
  • Green eyes

  • Loves animals.
  • She wants to be a magizoologist like Newt Scamander when she grows up.
  • She is very blunt and always speaks her mind.
  • Is very determined and driven.
  • Is very curious but also has a tendency to daydream and her mind wanders. Because of this she has a hard time concentrating during class lectures and when someone speaks for a long time.
  • Asked her parents for a pet basilisk as a child because she read that they scare spiders away. When they said no she asked if it would be okay to have one as long as it was blindfolded/ blind?
  • Doesn't care about blood purity.
  • Obsessed with the giant squid.
  • Mom: Lyra Blackwood, former Hufflepuff, 37
  • Dad: Rigel Blackwood, former Slytherin, 41
  • Older Brother: Cassian - 15 (attends Ilvermorny, Thunderbird)
  • Younger Sister: Thalia - 7
  • Younger Brother: Felix - 3

Home is a large farm/ ranch (1700 acres with forests and a lake) in Scotland located in the lowlands near Paisley. Train and sell winged horses. Other creatures are kept to gather potion ingredients and wand cores. They raise:
  • Winged Horses
  • Aethonan (31)
  • Granian (7)
  • Abraxan (3)
  • Bicorn (8)
  • Unicorn (3)
  • Flying seahorses (~40)
  • Kelpie (1)

  • Gen has a pet cat that she got going into her first year at Hogwarts. It's a male ragdoll named Jellybean (aka Be or Bean).
  • Father, Rigel, is in charge of their ranch. It began as a small business when Rigel was fresh out of Hogwarts with just a pair of Aethonans he trained and bred but has grown to have: 5 Winged Horse trainers, 1 Unicorn keeper/ specialist, 2 bicorn keepers/ specialists, 10 general ranch hands.
  • Mother, Lyra, is a home maker as well as teaches her younger children reading, writing, and basic math.
  • The family has two pet krups named Sandwich (aka Sammie) and Gregory (aka Greg).
  • Older brother Cassian was having issues (misbehaving, bullied by local boys, fighting) around ages 8-10 and after a visit to their aunt and cousins in America where he began to behave better, they decided he should move in with them and attend Ilvermorny.

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