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Cana Havich

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Name: Cana Aleksander Havich
Age: 16
Blood status: Half-blood
Occupation: Student
Wand: Mistletoe wood, 14 3/4 inches, Rougarou hair core
Birthday: January 15
Nationality: Half-Norwegian, half Indian-American
Height: 6'10"
Weight: 330 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Medium to dark brown, depending on the season


Cana is the eldest child and only son of Aleksander Havich and Daciana Mirga Havich. He has two living younger sisters, the twins Scarlett and Sable. He had a younger sister named Signe, who was killed at age 2. He is one of four grandsons of Sigurd and Agneta Havich, who have 13 legitimate grandchildren in all.

Cana was born to loving parents in Oslo, Norway. Aleksander and Daciana adore their children, and Cana was quite spoiled growing up. He learn to read and do mathematics very early, and he has always had a keen love of Muggle sciences and magical Potions and Herbology. His father’s life’s work mostly focuses in melding magic and Muggle technology and medicine together. His mother went to culinary school and was a model for a few years, but decided to become a stay at home mom when Cana was born.

When Cana was 5 years old, he and Signe were being babysat by the daughter of a Muggle couple who worked for his father. A curse was flung at a tree along the roadside, felling it and killing the babysitter and Cana’s sister Signe. Cana and his best friend Gabe survived. This caused both boys to have a lot of psychological issues growing up due to the trauma. The man was eventually caught and discovered to have wanted revenge on Cana's father for an imagined slight; pureblood supremacy was also at play.

Gabe and Cana are incredibly close, especially after it was discovered that Gabe had magic. The boys both went to Gammla Uppsala School of Seidr, when old enough. They were best friends ever since childhood and began dating when Cana turned 13. Unfortunately, they are terrible influences on each other. After sneaking his grandfather Sigurd’s personal grimoire away, Cana was pressured into performing a dark spell by Gabe. Gabe became possessed by an evil spirit during this time, and he needed multiple powerful wizards and witches to expel the spirit. Because of this, Gabe was pulled and transferred to Durmstrang, and Cana decided to move to Hogwarts with his aunt and cousins when his aunt Jetta became the Muggle Studies professor there.

Cana is rather stand-offish and unpleasant due to the trauma he has been through. He is very loyal and worthwhile to have as a friend if you can get through his exterior, though. His interest in Dark magic has not waned despite his experiences, but he has decided to focus solely on potions until he is older.

Cana has a strong paternal streak when it comes to younger girls due to what happened to his sister. It’s often misinterpreted by outsiders as being creepy, but it comes from a very genuine place.

Cana has several pet dogs back home that he loves to show pictures of.

Cana has an illegitimate brother named Kristian who is his best friend. His existence is fairly common knowledge back home, but it is generally not spoken aloud, despite the strong resemblance between Aleksander and Kristian.

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