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Angela Tremaine

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Angela Drew Tremaine:

Angela Drew Tremaine was born in Binsey, Oxford, England to a pair of eccentric, pure-blood, theologians and scientists, of sorts. They believed that it was wrong to disbelieve in anything without first finding out if it was true first. As a consequence, Angela got away with pretty much everything. Not because her parents spoiled her, but because they believed that she was innocent first, utterly. And then would forget to check about her guiltiness after a while. It became something of a experiment for her.

Angela had always been a little unpredictable, even as a child. Fast to smile, but easy to lose in a crowd. You’d never know what she’d say in a conversation, her aunts and uncles were always terrified to invite her to parties because of it.

Though her family was pure-blood they ran to Ravenclaw and research, rather than prejudice. However, some members of the family had been known locally for torturing muggles in the name of “scientific experimentation”. Angela’s parents had cut ties from them considering them barbaric. Angela spent a great part of her childhood at neighbours houses “watching movies” and learning about the elekrticty, at her parents request. She particularly loved The Wizard Of Oz! What a hoot!

When her letter to Hogwarts came, she was almost sad, but adventure called, and she would never turn it down! She couldn’t wait to enter the the Blue and Bronze like the rest of her family, and terrorize the rest of the too-often dull house who needed a wake up call! So when the Sorting Hat said Ravenclaw she was a little puzzled that her family was shocked. They had all bet on her being sorted into Gryffindor! Her first sign of magic, for crying out loud, was being so upset that they wouldn’t let her go skating on the pond behind the house, they woke the next morning to find her skating - on the living room floor! Angela just shrugged at their confusion and chagrin and went her happy way into her Eagle house!

Her first several years at Hogwarts was punctuated by pranks (by her), experiments (by her), and history projects (created by her - not endorsed by her teachers), and she was well on her way to her last two years of school, but with many more adventures to have! Including - the Hog’s Head Experiment!


To most people Angela usually seemed to be run by a motor. She always seemed to be on-the-go, and ready for an adventure! Even when that adventure is made by her own doing - and it often is.

She is fairly stubborn, and has to try everything out at least once for herself, no matter what others said.

That being said, she is also patient with others. She has a inkling that she might be odd, and so doesn’t want to pick on, or step on others quirks of spirit or being. In fact, she finds them fascinating!

What people usually notice about Angela first is her hair. It’s fire-engine red, and has a way of running away! She tends to bind the fly-away hair is in ponytails, but occasionaly lets it go free. It when free, it has a bit of a wave, but can appear straight, too.

Because of her short-stature she is often confused for a student at Hogwarts, instead of a member of staff! Honestly, this never bothered her. Being short, slim, and wiry offered more opportunities for adventure, and she could escape quicker, too!

Angela’s now-green-now-grey eyes were almost always glinting and sparkling. “Mischievous eyes” her father used to say. Too right, many people thought!

She has a heart-shaped face, which causes some people to think she is sweet, until they see the glimmering mischief in her eyes.

Angela tends to dress a little punk, a little bohemian, depending on her mood. Jeans and a t-shirt when she doesn’t care. Loves purple and neon yellow, so you’ll see a pop of purple or yellow somewhere in her wardrobe.

Wand: Ebony, Kelpie coat core, 10.5 inches

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