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Kyani K. Taylor

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"That which does not kill you gives you a lot of unhealthy coping mechanisms and a really dark sense of humour."

Name: Kyani Kathrynn Taylor
Blood Status: Half-Blood (though raised as a Muggleborn)
House: Slytherin
Birthday: Feb 18
Appearance: Kyani has long black hair that falls in thick waves down her back; She has blue, almond shaped eyes framed by thick lashes; Kyani is several inches shorter than most girls her age; Her completion is rather pale, esentuated by her darker features

Mother: Kathrynn "Kate" Taylor | Muggle | Single
Father: Unknown | Wizard

Pet: Thai | Burmese cat

Architect (INTJ-A) –
57% Intuitive/43% Observant
64% Thinking /36% Feeling
73% Judging/27% Identity
52%Assertive/48% Turbulent

Kyani is a half-blood born into a muggle family. Her mother is a model/actress who found herself pregnant after a one-night-stand with a mysterious stranger. When Kyani was born, Kate swore to raise her with all the grace and beauty a Taylor woman should have. She was forced to follow a strict beauty routine and slept in corsets to give her shape. When she was old enough, Kate started marketing Kyani for modeling jobs. Eventually she landed a steady contract with a French fashion magazine.

Kyani was constantly told that her job was to be seen and not heard. It didn't take her long to start believing it and by the time she was eight, Kyani had learned that the best thing to do was keep her mouth shut and her options to herself. As Kate forbid Kyani to interact with any of the other children in the neighborhood, it was easy for her to pull into herself and away from the constant crowds she was always in.

No one was more shocked than Kyani to receive a letter to Hogwarts on her eleventh birthday. She had thought it was a joke at first, but couldn't think of anyone who would try such a reduculas prank. She quickly jumped at the chance to get out of the life she was in and start something new.

Despite her upbringing, or rather in spite of it, Kyani hates being the center of attention. She would much rather be curled up with a good book and a nice cuppa or lying out in the sun (God forbid she get freckles!). She's still rather warry around people, but is working hard to break the habit.

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