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Hollis Warlow
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Hollis Warlow

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Name: Hollis Warlow
Birthdate: October 3rd
Hometown: Surrey, England
House & year: Ravenclaw, 4th year
Blood-status: muggle-born
Wand: larch and pixie hair, 11 inches
Patronus: ermine
Boggart: earthworms
Amortentia: burning hearth, raspberry tobacco, and aged parchment
Likes: History of Magic, cold weather, muggle romance novels, foreign languages, stringed instruments...

Personality: Hollis is free-spirited and tends to speak without fear of consequences. She has quite the vivacious outlook on life itself, especially concerning her magical lineage, and thirsts after the vast knowledge of the wizarding world. Although she can be overtly dramatic at times, her intentions and passions are entirely genuine. Hollis has been labeled as intimidating by some due to her head first attitude and approach, but she marches into the unknown whether accompanied or not.

Appearance (FC- Iva Varvarchuk): Hollis is quite small in stature, never surpassing 5’4” even into adulthood, and has an overall dainty look about her. She keeps her dark, sable hair cut at a short bob and tends to dye the ends a plethora of different colors at her leisure. Her eyes reflect a shade of molten amber in the sunlight, but most would classify them as a mousy brown. Hollis’ style sits somewhere between modern grunge and minimalism, and her favorite accessories are usually quite the statement pieces of her wardrobe. Overall, she exudes a fierce and somewhat mysterious kind of beauty.

History: Hollis has spent most of her life juggling between three different guardians. Her mother, Dianna, is a freelance reporter. The career demands put such a strain on the Warlow family that Hollis’ father, Amren, separated from his wife around the same time Hollis began primary school. Her maternal grandparents offered to keep Hollis while Dianna traveled, and Amren coveted his weekends and holidays with his only daughter. This lifestyle greatly attributed to her early independence and spunky personality. Hollis’ magical abilities manifested around the third grade, which resulted in homeschool lessons and tutors until she finally received her OWL of invitation from Hogwarts.

It was a shock to everyone and caused great turmoil amongst her families. Eventually, despite much skepticism and scoffing, Amren traced the magical lineage back to his great grandmother who had long passed. Luckily, Amren’s mother knew enough about the subject to lend a helping hand. Although she had no gifts herself, she’d spent countless evenings listening to her own mother’s stories of grandeur, and became a vital pool of hope for Hollis. With cautious approval and a new chance at fresh beginnings, Hollis set off on what would become her life’s greatest adventures. Her Ravenclaw appetite flourished during her first few years, but the fun had only just begun for Hollis Warlow.

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