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Brad Devereaux

Post by Brad Devereaux » Mon Aug 06, 2018 11:16 pm

Hey, all! I had a sudden urge to write a mini biography today on Brad. It's not perfect and is certainly rushed, but I hope you read through it! :)


Name: Brad Devereaux
Age: 11
Blood status: Half-blood
House: Hufflepuff
Wand: Walnut wood, 13 1/4 inches, Veela hair core
Birthday: March 5

Long before Brad Devereaux had set foot in Hogwarts, or, indeed, even heard of such a place, his life started in the United States of America. Born and raised for 10 years in Miami, Florida to a witch mother, Christine, and to a now-deceased No-Maj father, Brad Sr., the younger Brad lived a happy life on the coast within a small wizard community. His mother had always been very forthcoming about his magical abilities and told him so as soon as Brad could comprehend why he kept making the family cat levitate slightly off the ground or making his alarm clock turn on and off all night. Their wizard community felt more like a family to Brad and it is because of them that he has such a strong sense of family, friendship, and camaraderie.

Originally from the French region of Brittany, the Devereauxs emigrated to the States before Brad's birth so Christine could follow in the footsteps of her idol, Celestina Warbeck, and become a great operatic singer. Her great-aunt, Blanche, lived in Miami and, with Blanche's encouragement, Christine reasoned this would be the opportunity of a lifetime. She and Brad Sr. packed up their bags, said their goodbyes, and made their way across the Atlantic to America. However, Christine and Brad Sr. found the American Dream was hard to achieve. It was difficult to get anyone to listen to Christine sing and take her seriously and people in America seemed too busy to care for her, anyway. Further, magical folks were still being highly persecuted in America, and Christine and Brad were grateful for great-aunt Blanche and her band of wizard friends. Sadly, after a few years, Christine was forced to put her dream on hold and start her family, having her only son, Brad.

Naturally a curious child, and nicknamed "Cat" by his mother for his curiosity, Brad devoured anything to do with his magical roots. He loved hearing stories about witches and wizards and would often help the elders of the wizard community with their errands, especially the eccentric and rambunctious Blanche, if only to hear about their long and storied lives. Although young, Brad was able to develop a good moral compass and a solid sense of right-and-wrong, again credited to his family and to the community of wizards, who helped him hone his magical abilities once he could truly understand them. His father, though a No-Maj, was absolutely thrilled to be involved with the magical community and raised Brad to also appreciate the No-Maj way of life. Seeing both sides of the spectrum helped Brad to truly appreciate his magical blood; he vowed he wouldn't waste his great luck at being a wizard and would do big things in his life.

Tragically, Brad's father was taken from him at an early age. Not having the sustainability of a magical body, enforced by magic blood, Brad Sr.'s body was ravaged by cancer. Also ravaged was Christine's heart. She expected to grow old with her husband and to watch as their son grew up to attend school and then to conquer his hopes and dreams. Now, however, Christine had other plans for her life. Partially driven by grief and loneliness, Christine yearned to clean her slate and start anew. The final nail in the coffin was when Brad accidentally stumbled on a boggart hiding inside an old suit bag in Blanche's attic while exploring. The boggart assumed the shape of Brad Sr.'s lifeless body and the young boy almost died of fright. That was when Christine plucked Brad abruptly from their life in Florida and relocated to the United Kingdom, much to the sadness of the community. Adding on to Brad's grief about his father's passing was also his anguish that he wouldn't be able to attend Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He was so eager to attend school, learn more magic, meet new friends, and be chosen for a House. However, Christine decided a change of scenery would be best for Brad and the duo moved across the pond to England.

At the time Brad received his Hogwarts letter, he and his mom had been staying at a friend's home for about a year. Christine's friend, Rose, was a witch that she had met while trying to advance her career. Rose was also a singer and a fashion model for the Daily Prophet with a heart as beautiful as her character. Being part-Veela, she gifted Brad with a single strand of her hair for his wand, so that she would never truly leave his side and that Brad would always have a friend near him at Hogwarts if he ever felt lonely. Brad would never forget this act of kindness and yearned to make both his mom and Rose proud. Christine decided to start singing again, after one day hearing someone singing in the shower and realizing it was her. Though her heart would have a hole in it forever, she knew she had to be strong for Brad.

Rose and Christine accompanied Brad to Diagon Alley to get his school supplies before starting school. First on the list, and very important to Brad, was getting his pet: a black cat named Shadow. Brad knew the cat would be enormously helpful at Hogwarts by being his first friend. Still, he had never actually heard of Hogwarts before; his mother had attended Beauxbatons and he had always assumed he'd attend Ilvermorny. However, he'd heard nothing but amazing things about the school before the start of term and he knew he'd quickly adapt. Still, worries haunted Brad. Would his subtle American accent make him stand out? Christine was fluent in both English and French, but being surrounded by American English, Brad was afraid he wouldn't fit in with students from the United Kingdom and he could never quite pick up the French his mother tried to teach him. And the word "Muggle" still didn't flow easily off his tongue. Still, Brad was assured that he'd fit in at Hogwarts and knew he had to be strong for his mom.

As September 1 arrived, Brad and his mom went together to King's Cross station. Not a fan of overly emotional, tearful goodbyes, Brad tried to quickly, yet tactfully, get his mother to leave after they crossed the barrier. After countless hugs and promises of owls with goodies and letters, Christine detached herself from Brad so he could board the Hogwarts Express. "Holy Hippogriffs," Brad muttered to himself as he slithered around students on the train, trying to find an open seat. Finally settling in in an open compartment, Brad finally felt excited, scared, anxious, and hopeful as his journey at Hogwarts was about to begin.

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