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Sierra Mabora
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Sierra Mabora

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Age: 37
Blood Status: Squib
Occupation: Runs a gimmick shop

Sierra was a Welsh native who, upon reaching the age of 11, was as thrilled as any young witch to receive her letter to Hogwarts. Having moved to Cardiff just a few scant months earlier, it was all she could talk about as the day the letters were due got closer and closer. Her parents entertained her excitement patiently and were quite proud themselves when the letter finally arrived.

The three of them went to Diagon Alley for the supplies, the parents taking turns corralling their excited daughter as they went from shop to shop, picking up books and robes as needed, taking a break with a nice meal. Although the days were tense with concern about the possibility of Death Eaters about, people were still able to find some joy in this day as new and returning students met and prepared for the upcoming school year. Although Sierra knew no one, she felt even more happy just to see friends greeting one another. Finally, it came time to get her wand. Just as with many witches and wizards before her, one wand after another was put in her hand to try out. Some she got to wave, others she barely moved before they were taken and a new one put in its place. Some take longer than others to find their wand, but Sierra was taking an unusually long time. As they went wand by wand, they started to become concerned. Then they filled with dread. Not one. Not a single one reacted to Sierra. Even when they tried all in the shop, the girl sobbed, wanting to continue. There had to be one. At least one somewhere. But no. It wasn't meant to be.

Concerned about an ailment, her parents took her to a healer who informed them that while she was not sick or cursed, she was, in fact, a squib. This was remarked with only slightly hidden disdain. Her father was absolutely ashamed and didn't even want to look at her. Her mother was more sympathetic, but even she seemed displeased.

With no capability of wielding magic and wary about the current hostility towards both squibs and half bloods, Sierra was sent to a muggle school under a pseudonym so she could still get an education, even if a non magical one.

Her dreams crushed, Sierra found herself resenting other witches and wizards with the capability of wielding magic. Although grateful to be hidden during the war, she did find herself wishing to join it, if only to take down a few of the arrogant purebloods.

Wanting to help out other squibs such as herself, Sierra set up a shop in Hogsmeade. Using what she retained from school, she had various potion ingredients for potions even squibs could use, charms meant to increase magical abilities and more. Pretty much anything that was so much as even rumored to help squibs use magic, she collected and sold here. Unfortunately, as with many gimmicks shown on "as seen on TV" among muggle entertainment, much of it was useless, but she believed in it and it gave her and others hope.

Not long after she set up her shop, the second war hit and she was forced back underground for her safety. When she returned, she found her shop completely destroyed. With this new blow against her, she acquired an even stronger resentment against the purebloods. She rebuilt, but she found a new hostility towards purebloods and banned them from her shop. Her charm to block them out was as useless as the majority of her wares, but other shopkeepers in the area let her think it worked and warned any potential browsers of that should they enter.

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