Gregory H. Masterson

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Gregory H. Masterson
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Gregory H. Masterson

Post by Gregory H. Masterson » Wed Sep 12, 2018 2:27 pm

Gregory H. Masterson

Age: 17
Hair: Blond, thick and wavy. Always well ordered.
Eyes: Deep blue.
Height: 6'1"
Build: Athletic, muscular, but not huge. Long fingers.
Style: Always well put together. Usually in black Hogwarts robes, but when not at school, then in excellent materials, usually suits, never a speck of dirt on them. Usually dark or deep colors.
Status: Full blood.
Siblings: Hazel, his half sister. She is 11.
House: Ravenclaw

Parents: While he doesn't wish anything to be said of them, a mention should no doubt be made. His father, Walter Masterson was a wizard, from Ravenclaw, much to his sons' disbelief. He was a boisterous, tall, paunchy womanizing man. Walter was brilliant in investments, taking his familys' dwindling fortunes and multiplying it. Gregory's mother was Walter's first wife. A Gryffindor named Virginia Richland. Tall with white-blond hair, falling in a sheet. Golden brown eyes and translucent skin. She came from a proud family and had a turbulent relationship with Walter which ended after only a few years.
After her came Marjorie Goldberg. A sweet Hufflepuff, many said Walter married to spite Virginia,as she was the fiery woman's exact opposite. Sweet, jolly and a little simple. She also gave birth to Hazel.
Walter grew bored of her quickly. But though sweet, she wasn't one to suffer in silence. That marriage didn't last either.
Patricia Lamont Followed, then Stephanie Malamute, Lizzie Tuzzlethwaite, Joan Paige, Sarah Swiggle and in an act of desperation, a Muggle shop girl named Jessica Smyth.
None lasted. Not that the girls were all that bad (though Gregory suspected any girl who would fall for a man with THAT track record!) but Walter simply couln't seem to commit.

That didn't include all his dalliances, either. Gregory tried to ignore them all.

Family: His Aunt Mabel. Really some variety of Great-aunt. One stable aspect and mentor in his life. (And who has been twisting his mind from an early age, but he would never see it that way!)

Pet: His Owl, Ophelia. Really, his Confidant and light of his life.

Strengths: Charms, Spells, top of his class. He is highly intelligent. Good at potions. Great with owls. Extremely ambitious. Etiquette. Can be charming if he tries.

Weaknesses: People. Care of magical creatures that aren't owls. Empathy. Has no real friends. A bit of an egomaniac.

Thoughts on Blood Purity: He doesn't really care one way or the other. No one can be HIM, so really, everyone is already at a disadvantage.

Future Plans: To become the Minister of Magic.(and take over the world . . ?)

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