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Lavinia Telly Rae

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Lavinia Telly Rae

Age: 13
House: Hufflepuff
Siblings: Only Child
Status: Full blood.

Pet: Matilda, a grey cat, with dark eyes.

Hair: Straight, brown.
Eyes: Large, Brown.
Skin: Pale.
Height: Short.
Build: Slight and wiry.
Traits: Always has a Brown leather satchel slung across her chest.Often has cobwebs or dust in her hair or on her clothes from her exploring.
Clothes: Tends to be Navy blues, blacks, greys, browns. Sensible clothes. Boring clothes. Sturdy cloth.

She tends to be fairly quiet, but has a tendency to speak her mind, when she does speak. She likes to explore the hallways of Hogwarts and discover hidden corners and places. Lavinia loves discoveries, but doesn't like danger. She is a staunchly loyal friend. Lavinia never seeks danger, but will stare it in the face on behalf of a friend if need be.

Best Friends: Peanut Dennison, Tobias Hawkins

Strengths: History of Magic, Intuition, Herbology

Weaknessnes: Charms, Transfiguration, Potions,

Wand: Maple, Kelpie Hair, 10.5 inches.

Parents: Both wizards, Magical Archeaologists. Paul Rae and Tabitha nee Snyder, both Ravenclaws. They moved to Fittleton, England (near Wiltshire) when they got married, even though it was a predominately Muggle community, as there was evidence of some excellent wizard ruins nearby. And it was close to Stonehenge.

They Had met in Hogwarts and gotten married the year after they graduated. Lavinia was born to them soon afterwards and they were a happy family. Tabitha's older sister and brother in law, (Alice and George) would often take Lavinia when her parents went off to other countries on their trips of historical discovery.

Lavinia grew up with a love of history, ancient things and discovering things long hidden.

When she was 6, her parents went off to Egypt on another excavation. They didn't return. Usually, they sent her cards and unusual gifts from wherever they were. This time nothing came. Her Aunt and Uncle grew worried. They sent people over. They hired babysitters and went over themselves. But no sign of the Raes ever surfaced.
However, no sign of foul play or bodies showed up either. As the years passed, Alice and George sadly gave up hope and Lavinia held tightly onto hers. Even if she never saw them again, it didn't mean they weren't alive somewhere!
She hoped. Still, she missed them terribly.
Alice and George Turnby took Lavinia in as their own and when she turned 11, all three were relieved that she received her envelope, inviting her to Hogwarts!

The Turnbys were kind, but strict and not used to children.

Sadly, Lavinia got a bad fever right before she was to go off to Hogwarts. Aunt Alice forbade her to get out of bed, but a delerious Lavinia got up anyway and dragged her trunk out into the rain. She found her way onto a cab and made her way to Hogsmeade. Byt the time she got there, she had such a brain fever, she suffered a temporary amnesia and couldn't remember a thing about herself.
It's only been in the last year that it's all started to return . .

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