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Dorian Krueger

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Dorian Krueger

Also goes by: Dori
Gender: Male
House: Hufflepuff
Blood: Muggleborn
Sexual Preference: Gay

Appearance: Fairly average height for his age, Dori has a fairly well-toned body just from being constantly on the move. He has brown eyes and his hair is a mess of springy brown curls that go just past his ears and straighten out a bit in damp weather. He has freckles when he was much younger and if you look close you can still see the shadow of them across the bridge of his nose. He wears the standard hogwarts school clothes only when he's required to, and makes no effort to hide his muggleborn origin when he can dress as he pleases. Tee shirts and hooded sweatshirts, cargo shorts or jeans are most common, as well as a worn pair of checkered Vans.

Personality and Skills: The first thing most people notice is that he is both loud and sometimes hard to understand. His thick Glasgow accent can become hard to decipher when he's excited and forgets to temper it, and he does tend to be an excitable person. He's high energy and adventurous, and he tends to throw his whole being into projects, schemes, interpersonal relationships, you name it. He's outgoing and eager to be everyone's friend to the point of talking to those he's just met as if he's known them for years. He's pretty short on shame and feeds on attention, and makes a habit of turning his own mistakes and failures into a good laugh at his expense. He's very athletic and agile, but often takes risks he shouldn't and can come off as clumsy as a result. He loves exploring and practical jokes and isn't too keen on rules (though never in a way that's malicious), but he's charming and is genuinely friendly towards his professors and that sometimes helps smooth things out when he's called out on bad behavior. When it doesn't, he takes the consequences like a champ - fair's fair. He loves food in a way that will certainly catch up to him when his teenage metabolism slows down. He also loves animals, especially cats, and he takes care of the neighborhood strays at home with the help of his sister and local organizations.

History and Family: You could say Dori's upbringing is fairly average, aside from the fact that his household is three siblings and no parents. When he was only four his mother and father we killed in a car wreck, and his then-twenty-two-year-old half-sister Kendra stepped in and raised him and his six year old brother Malik. He only has very vague memories of his parents. Malik, being slightly older, was always troubled after that. But Kendra, who had already been helping care for both boys since they were born, proved to be an excellent parental figure, and Dori at least had a fairly unremarkable time in primary school. He had average grades and a bit of an issue sitting still and paying attention. He was good at organised sports, but they never interested him as much as doing his own thing - biking, inline skates, skateboarding and so on.

His magic manifested at five years of age, according to what his sister pieced together from memory when they found out more about magic and wizards years later, when the two brothers got separated from their sister in a shopping centre - and the lights on a nearby store display started sending up fireworks. About a year later when Dori was home sick from school with fever, Kendra came upstairs to his room to discover it smelling mysteriously of tuna, and him sleeping soundly amongst several purring neighborhood cats who'd come in through a window she was sure she hadn't opened.

Thusfar Dori has thrived in Hogwarts. He is still not the best study and he has issues with completing assignments and doing as he's told, but he does well with practical magic lessons and enjoys most of it. There are also more new people than he knows what to do with, and the idea that he can learn something new about the world almost every day is absolutely remarkable to him.

Kendra is Dori's half-sister, sharing a father. She was born when her parents were ust barely out of their teens, and after a few years they realized they just didn't make a good couple. The split was amicable and Kendra spent significant time with both parents growing up. When her father remarried, she got along well with her stepmother, and even more so with her baby brothers. Kendra has been a vegan most of her adult life but has never pressured the boys into sharing her diet.

Malik is a quiet boy and often self-isolates. He had a lot of difficult adjusting after the death of his parents, and even though he's older than Dori he has often needed more care and attention from Kendra. He and Dori were close when they were small, but they've grown apart and Dori harbors some resentment about it, even though he would never admit it.

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