Desdemona Garrotte

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Desdemona Garrotte
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Desdemona Garrotte

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Desdemona Lucetta Garrotte
Hermit | Potion Brewer | Occassional Mysterious Hogsmeade Merchant

Also goes by: Dessie
Gender: Female
Blood Status: Pureblood (and too proud of it)
Sexual preference: Straight, probably, but who has time for that

Appearance: On the short side (168cm/5'6) and lean - possibly slightly underweight but in a tough and dried out sort of way. She's currently in her late thirties but appears a bt older. Her eyes are a cold, light blue with perpetual tired purple shadows below them, and her face is pale and gaunt. Her hair, which she takes pride in, is straight, black and reaches the small of her back. She brushes it carefully daily and it is sometimes neat and pristine, but it generally becomes disheveled over the course of the day. The same can be said of her general hygiene - she has her routine, but she often has some amount of the day's dirt on her face, hands and clothing. She frequently has visible scratches, bruises and other superficial injuries. The robes she wears are all stolen, and while they often look like they were some level of quality (she won't steal just any old rags after all) they are generally somewhat worn and ill-fitting. She's missing half of her pinkie and ring fingers on her left hand.

Personality and Skills: Sure of herself and suspicious of everyone else, Dessie is an incredibly proud and stubborn person, especially when it involves her intellegence or her (believed) inherent blood superiority. She's not entirely mentally well these days - she is incredibly paranoid, she's obsessive, and although her logic is usually fairly sound she often misses the obvious and arrives at solutions in a more roundabout way than necessary. She has trouble focusing one more than one thing at a time, and when dealing with anything that's not other people she is sometimes forgetful and easily distracted. She is manipulative and vindictive and holds irrational grudges, often indefinitely. She's an inherently curious person who loves a mental challange, and prefers solitude unless it's materially useful to her to seek out others. Her only emotional attachment is to her owl Ares. She's actually quite intelligent (sometimes even as much as she thinks she is) and she's especially good at figuring out unconventional uses for potions ingredients. She's absolutely terrible at transfiguration. She loves chocolate. She's terrified of flying on brooms.

History: Desdemona is presumably the last of a pureblooded English family who, as far as she grew up knowing, was incredibly prestegious and influencial. This is probably less the case than she was led to believe as a child, but they were certainly wealthy and plenty arrogant about it. She attend hogwarts as a Slytherin. She missed part of the beginning of her second year when her father died in a broom accident. Her mother and maternal grandparents were never especially emotionally available people - some amount of mental illness was common on this side of the family, but it was never spoken about as such - but she was especially close to her paternal grandmother Lucetta, from whom she received her middle name. Lucetta passed peacefully after declining health in the middle of Dessie's sixth year, at which point Dessie left the school and never graduated.

Dessie's grasp on her exact timeline between then and now is a little hazy. As some point not long after leaving school she had a falling out with her mother and moved into what had once been the family cottage alone, and then to another empty property again sometime later. She had little contact with anyone daily during this time period, though eventually one of the family's house elves, Donkle, started tending her. At some point she tracked down and attacked former classmate Coredelia Edwards for some slight she could no longer remember, after which she spent a drawn out few weeks in hiding before she was caught. She was declared unsound and sent to St Mungo's for supervised care. She was there for several years, under the care of various staff including Zane Cimmerii, who she tended to trust more than the others. At some point Zane misplaced a sey of keys which Dessie assumed he'd left intentially for her, and with his "help" she stole a wand and broke out of the hospital, disapparating from the sidewalk outside and splinching half of her left inkie and ring fingers.

She hid in Zane's attic for a day or two until he discovered her and tried to return her to the hospital, and she fled again before he could. At the start of the next school term she stowed away on the Hogwarts express in a clothing trunk, and then lived in an empty dungeon storeroom for half a term. It was during this time Donkle found her again, and informed her that her mother and remaining grandparents had died at various points during the years since she's seen them - her mother, according to the elf, of embarrassment over the state of the family. When suspicions were rising about a possible stranger lurking around campus, she slipped out and set herself up a little shack deep in the forbidden forest, where she's been undiscovered for the past couple of years.

Loyal, even tempered and slightly below average intelligence for a house elf, Donkle always does his very best. He cared for Dessie's prized owl Ares while she was in St Mungo's, and started searching for her as soon as he heard she's escaped. Dessie never remembers his name. He's got droopy ears and a nose a bit like a pig snout.

A large, Great Horned owl, Ares holds a very special place in Dessie's heart. He's getting older but is still in fairly good shape. He's a bit feral but like's a good chin scratch from his master.

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