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Cecilia Webb
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Cecilia Webb

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Full name: Cecilia Louise Webb
DOB: 7 June (Gemini)
Height: 5'5
Face Claim: Mika Boorem
Home away from Hogwarts: Plymouth (England)
Blood: Pureblood
House: Hufflepuff
Wand: 10 inch Hawthorn with Dragon Heartstring core
Strengths: Flying and Quidditch, Arithmancy, Astronomy, Transfiguration
Weaknesses: Charms, Swimming
Boggart: Ferns

Parents: Carl and Rosemary Webb
Siblings: Two younger sisters, Vesta and Lamia
Notable Relatives: Penelope Webb (Aunt - Carl's twin sister)
Other: Maisie "Ma" Prewett (Governess)

It had all started with a diary, back before Cecilia heard the Sorting Hat's very first song.

The Summer before the girl had started to attend Hogwarts, her then-governess had shown her the bright yellow book with shiny black cords. The older woman had mostly wanted to prepare Ceci for what was to come: A sorting that would see her go to another house than all of her other relatives. Instead of going to Slytherin, Cecilia was probably destined for Hufflepuff.

Ma Prewett's words had been prophecy; the hat had sent the blonde girl straight to Hufflepuff, which turned the young Webb's world upside down. Not only did her relationship with her parents deteriorate overnight, but Carl Webb also threatened to send Ceci's two younger sisters to Durmstrang instead of Hogwarts, lest Ceci's influence land them in Hufflepuff as well.

Those were tough times. There were days when Ceci wanted to scream at her family in righteous anger. She could not believe that her family, the people she were closest to in the entire world, would disregard her because of an ancient hat's choice. More and more, she felt like she wasn't a meant to be a Webb at all. Who would want to be part of a family so narrow minded, that excluded even their loved ones because of the colour of their tunic? Oftentimes she thought things would have been a lot more bearable if she'd ended up in Ravenclaw as her aunt Penelope had, but unfortunately that was not the case. There was something about the canary yellow robes that stirred Carl Webb's anger and disappointment in equal measures. Knowing that she'd let her family down took a toll on the usually sunny girl, leaving her down and withdrawn for most of her first year at her new school.

Sometime during her second year, Cecilia discovered the wonderful world of Quidditch at Hogwarts. She realised that her balance and speed were definitely assets, which made her a decent Beater and excellent Chaser. She was thrust into a leadership position in her third year when she was selected as Quidditch captain. Though she didn't always enjoy her role, the sense of achievement filled part of the hole that had opened up in her life. Eager to excel in other parts of her life, she devoted more time to her studies, which gave her overall grades an immense boost. On top of all of her regular lessons, she enrolled for a short course in Goobledegook. She'd always had a keen interest in banking, money and goblins, so it seemed like a reasonable step forward.

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