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Morrigan Delaney

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Name: Morrigan Ragnhild Havich Delaney
Age: 13
Blood status: Half-blood
Occupation: Student, Ravenclaw Fifth Year
Wand: Mistletoe wood, 10.75 inches, dragon heartstring
Birthday: October 2
Nationality: Half-Norwegian, half Irish-American
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 154 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Pale; freckly


Morrigan is the youngest daughter of Roman Delaney, Sr. and Jetta Havich Delaney. She has two older twin sisters named Lyssa and Dahlia, and older brother named Vesper, and a younger brother named Roman Jr. Her cousin at Hogwarts is Cana Havich, and she has nine other cousins on her mother’s side as well. She lost count of how many cousins she has in her father’s family. She is one of the fourteen grandchildren of Sigurd and Agneta Havich.

Morrigan was born in Oslo, Norway, and she has spent most of her life there. She went to Muggle primary school with her siblings there, and has generally benefited from living on the cusp of both worlds. She grew up with loving parents, siblings, and a loving grandfather. She has very little contact with her maternal grandmother. She also can’t really stand her father’s side of the family as they are largely conservative American Muggles, and she is very much the opposite of that. Morrigan is very open minded, yet also traditional in some ways: her family worships the old Norse gods.

Morrigan is very much a dramatic theatre child. She idolizes the Romantic and Gothic authorial tradition, as well as the over dramatic Grand Guignol style of acting. Wednesday Addams is her Muggle fashion icon, and The Craft is her favorite Muggle movie because it’s hilarious and the fashion is on point. Her parents are very loving and encouraging of her quirkiness, given that it is largely harmless.

She comes from a very wealthy family, with rather permissive parents, which leads more into her dramatic nature. The only time she can remember her parents outright refusing her was when she requested a pet cheetah so she could imitate Josephine Baker. They compromised and got her a Bengal cat. While Morrigan is quite spoiled though, she is also quite generous with the good deal of money she has. She’s an excellent gift giver and dreams about throwing parties that put the ones of her older sisters to shame.

Morrigan adores being the center of someone’s attention. She is often passed over in favor of Lyssa (by boys) and Dahlia (by girls), so she is a bit sensitive about her sisters. She loves them deeply though, and wants to imitate them a lot when she grows up.

Until her mother became a Hogwarts professor, Morrigan attended the Gammla Uppsala School of Sei∂r in Gammla Uppsala, Sweden. While she wasn’t the most popular girl there (that was Lyssa), she had a good deal of friends, especially those in the dramatic arts. She is very disappointed in Hogwarts lack of a Drama or Theatre Club. She excels in Charms and Defense.

Morrigan is the quintessential Hufflepuff despite her dramatic, theatrical nature. She is largely kind, compassionate, and hard-working. But it would be a terrible sight to get on her bad side. Due to how sweet she is, all of her less kind siblings and cousins wait in the wings to protect her.

Morrigan has a pet Bengal cat named Peaches that she brought with her to Hogwarts. She...tends to keep her away from her cousin Cana.

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