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Theodore Baeryn

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Theodore "Teddy" Baeryn

Age: 11
Blood: Pureblood
Wand: Maple, 12 inches, unicorn hair core.
House: Gryffindor

Personality: Brave, as any Gryffindor is, Theodore is adventurous and always willing to follow anyone through whatever and wherever. He is extremely talkative and likes to start up random conversations as often as he can. He is precocious at age eleven and he particularly cares for various magical creatures that he meets. He tries to match the pace of others, but his quick hurried attitude often has him tripping over his own feet. He is naturally clumsy and being very thin, he is not particularly interested in sports.

Theodore is called ‘Teddy’ by close family and he wishes to become a healer, just like his father is and his mother was. He is extremely polite, taught to be so by his mother. He loves his family very much and was displeased to leave them behind to come to Hogwarts, but he was also very excited to venture into a new school.

Appearance: Tall for his age at 5 foot 3 inches, lanky and thin, with dark blond hair and dark eyes. He used to be very short but with a sudden growth spurt just before arriving at Hogwarts, he still doesn’t know what to do with his long arms and legs and often trips on them.

Family: Theodore comes from a small family of three, himself, and his parents. They are a tight knit family due to his parents being excluded from a long line of pureblooded ancestry. His parents and Theodore do not share the same views as them and thus, was promptly left by themselves. Theodore’s parents had him when they were recent graduates of Hogwarts while they were still very young.

Fredrick Baeryn: A healer at St. Mungo’s. Fredrick, or more often known as Fred by friends, makes as much time as he possibly can to be with his family, but his job has him preoccupied at unpredictable times. Fredrick attended Hogwarts in Hufflepuff House and passed on as much knowledge about his school years to Theodore.

Elizabeth Baeryn: A soft-spoken witch who met her husband during their school years. She too, was placed in Hufflepuff house. She was a healer at St. Mungo’s as well but due to being weak while carrying Theodore, she and her husband thought it best for her to rest at home. She is now much stronger but decided to keep staying at home to take care of Theodore and stay with him until he attended Hogwarts. She is now thinking about being a traveling nurse to help those who cannot move freely or come to the hospital.

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