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Eska Toynbee
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Eska Toynbee

Post by Eska Toynbee » Tue Sep 04, 2018 7:45 am

Name: Eska Lucia Toynbee
Birthdate: September 4
Birthplace: Braemar, Scotland
Age/ Year: 16/ 6th year
House: Hufflepuff
Blood status: Pureblood
Wand: 9” applewood, dragon hearstring, springy

Eska is a bit of an oddity in her family, having come from generations of Ravenclaw on her fathers’ side and Slytherin on her mothers’ side. Her parents did not take the news well that Eska, their eldest and most promising child had been sorted into a house that had never been seen in either the Toynbee or Moonves for generations.

Despite the lack of enthusiasm from either of her parents, Eska held he head high every time she returned home for the holidays. Often, she would endure snide remarks, sniggering and giggles from her younger siblings who could not understand how the daughter of a Slytherin and Ravenclaw wound up in Hufflepuff. Despite the slight hardship Eska knew she was exactly where she belonged, students in Hufflepuff seemed to understand her without she having to say much at all.

Hogwarts is her sanctuary, a true home away from home where she can be her true self without having to fool either of her parents. For the most part she does as she pleases, often telling a fib or two when sending letters home.

Sports has never been something high on Eska’s list of achievements, she loves to watch quidditch and cheers her house team at every match but has never been tempted to hop on a broom and race around.

Friends often describe Eska as offering an easy smile to all those that cross her path but is guarded when interacting with the general population. Eska is often wary of strangers, unsure of their intentions or motivation behind situations she often holds back and will stand at the edge of a crowd observing everyone else before singling someone out to interact with.

Eska enjoys herbology and charms most out of all Hogwarts topics whilst potions is a close third, she enjoys many of her other classes but nowhere near as much as those three.

Her future career is still undecided but Eska hopes to have made up her mind in the coming year.

not at all happy with this write up, will edit in the near future :)

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