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Agnes "Ags" Cooper

Post by Agnes Cooper » Mon Sep 03, 2018 6:52 pm

Name: Agnes (Ags or Aggie) Cooper
Age: 16
Blood Status: Muggle-born
Hometown: Leeds
Occupation: Student
Wand: Rowan wood, Phoenix feather core, 13 ¾” length, Rigid flexibility
House: Ravenclaw
Birthday: November 18
Height: 5’9” (175 cm)
Weight: 150 lbs (10 stone 7)
Hair: Dark brown, short (above the ears)
Eyes: Brown
Skin: White, burns rather than tans

Ags has spent 5 laid-back years at Hogwarts so far. Gifted with natural academic talent and good intuition, she hasn’t felt much motivation to put time into her studies. Instead, her efforts go into keeping one foot firmly in both of her worlds – she has a portable radio with her most of the time and has gimmicked it to receive non-magical stations. At first, this was to keep up with her beloved rugby league but as she’s grown older, she feels more motivated to maintain her connection to the world of her parents and hometown. She’s thrilled to be in Ravenclaw – and not just to share colors with her Rhinos, though it does mean that during the quidditch season, there’s no one with a greater variety of blue and amber clothes – despite her general laziness she does love riddles, puzzles and games of strategy, if they’re hard enough to actually challenge her. Her two favorite subjects are Herbology and Divination: she enjoys the earthy, physical work of tending for magical plants and her intuition has given her a knack for divining various aspects of the future (though whether she’s actually got the Sight or is just good at extrapolating is anybody’s guess). She struggles with History of Magic since it’s so far abstracted from her life and her family’s.

She comes across as brash and has a big personality but this is a distraction from the fact that she’s actually a fairly private person. She’d rather be arguing with someone about sports or politics than discussing her personal life. Though she hasn’t tried out for an official team, she’s pretty athletic and always up for a pickup game of quidditch, football, or rugby.

As graduation nears, she’s realized that she’ll have to decide soon whether to pursue an adult career in the world of magic or the mundane one in which she grew up. She doesn’t want to let go of either, but doesn’t see how to have both at once.

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