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Seth Wong
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Seth Wong

Post by Seth Wong » Thu Jan 03, 2019 10:16 am

Name: Seth Wong
Age/Year: 15/5th year
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Birthday: March 28
House: Hufflepuff
Wand: Spruce, Dragon Heartstring Core, 12.5", solid flexibility


Optimistic - likes to see the good in people, a bit naive
Practical - doesn't care terribly for superficial things
Kind to a fault

Parents: Father is a normal muggle who works in insurance. Mother is a muggle who works at the local museum as a curator, but has a magical brother who helps her identify antique magical objects.

Seth grew up in Manchester, Connecticut, in relative peace. He was fairly liked among his peers but had a tendency to get picked on due to his idealistic views. His teachers generally liked him, saying that he was a little strange, but means well. He's about 5'7" (170cm) tall with broad swimmer shoulders. He's heavier than he looks.

His parents were surprised when Seth's first instance of magic happened. It was around sunset when his father sent him with a broom to gently shoo away a skunk from the house. Seth rushed the little fella a bit too fast. The skunk was set to spray him with the infamous foul smell and he tried to block as much of the spray as he could with the broom. He closed his eyes and braced himself... but no stench came. The ground was also missing.

Needless to say, his father was rendered speechless. Seth yelped as he was flown out of range of the offending spray. He went careening towards his father, who braced himself just in time to catch Seth. His mother, who had been comfortably seated on the porch before to watch the show, scrambled to their sides to check for injuries.

Seth's mother called up her brother immediately to ask for advice. He grumbled at being woken up at an ungodly hour until his sister but he was soon cackling as she retold the skunk incident. His mirth managed to calm her nerves. He took a few deep breaths and calmed down enough to suggest a magic school.

Seth was then enrolled into Ilvermorny. He absolutely loved all the magic around him, favoring Herbology and Potion Making to his mother's dismay ("You could learn about magical artifacts so you can help me!"). He met his best friend there, who is also a Muggleborn. He still keeps in contact with him with via the magic of email and video chat whenever he gets home to his muggle devices. And maybe the occasional owl to avoid shipping fees, bless his uncle for the barn owl.

After a few years, his father was laid off by his company; the company was moving locations and didn't want to pay for the relocation of all their employees. His father found another job in London and his mother was willing to make the move, so he was transferred to Hogwarts.

Seth wasn't terribly upset about the move. Being so far away from his friend would suck, but they could still contact each other through multiple mediums, magical and muggle.

Seth is hopeful to this new chapter in his life.

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