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by Velimir Demidov
Mon Jun 24, 2019 2:08 pm
Forum: Silly Polls & Fun Games
Topic: Anyone else play?
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Anyone else play?

With the new HP: Wizards Unite mobile app that came out recently, I thought it might be fun if those of us playing could add each other. So far I am enjoying it, though it is new so sometimes it's laggy or buggy. If anyone would like to to add me or if you'd like to have others add you, leave your c...
by Velimir Demidov
Mon Oct 01, 2018 11:59 pm
Forum: News & Updates
Topic: The Rules and Expected Etiquette
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The Rules and Expected Etiquette

For the most part, I think you all (both old members and new invites) are a pretty trustworthy bunch. We’re not going to write up super strict and detailed rules unless it’s proven we have to. That said, it’s necessary to set some parameters so we’re all on the same page about what’s expected here a...
by Velimir Demidov
Sat Jul 28, 2018 12:34 am
Forum: News & Updates
Topic: Please excuse the mess...
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Please excuse the mess...

We're under construction so things will be a bit messy. :D